Web Portal


Web portal connects people and Government. Every Government agencies have their own portal which is developed by different technologies and database is discrete.


With more than 10 years experiences, Green Global proud to be the leading company in consulting and deploying Web Portal for many cities such as Ha Noi, Da Nang, Gia Lai,… Green Global’s web portal is the best solution with lots of outstanding advantages that all citizen and enterprises easily use and improve citizen’s trust in government.


We understand clients’ demands and requirements, so we bring these outstanding advantages:

• Create a modern administration environment and save time

• Develop and enhance the reputation of the government.

• Investors can know local’s ability.

• Support enterprises to build online sales channels, minimize advertising costs. Build a traditional sales channels which allow enterprises to review, comment, contribute to the guidelines and policies of the cities/provinces.


E-Portal is a solution that create only one online way to connect and every users can:


• Access to all units under the management of the Government Agency.

• Update activities information managed by the Government Agency.

• Use online services at level 3 and 4.


Green Global has designed and implemented an electronic portal for many provinces and cities in the country, most recently Hanoi, Da Nang and Gia Lai. These systems are operating stably, bringing significant efficiency in bringing the government closer to the people.


Green Global Web Portal is a collection of powerful functions and outstanding features:





Outstanding functions:


• Edit, censor, classify, publish content, manage royalties, decentralize and set up working process, extract reports and statistics.

• Search function, integrate and link information.

• Single sign-on: allows users to log in just one time, then access and use all services that have been registered and licensed on the portal.

• Portal administration, User management.

• Collaborate with built-in services such as Email, Chat, Forum, Working schedule; SMS, MMS.

• Multiple display environments, High security capabilities.

• Other features: The ability to meet data redundancy, fault tolerance, load balancing (processing threads), backup capabilities.


Our Partners:



Green Global build E-Portal by “understanding Partners’ needs”. We focus on the most important functions, try our best to bring satisfaction to you. So, your work can be handled as quick and efficient as possible. Saving time is saving cost, which is also Green Global’s goal.