Information management and lookup systems


Government’s needs to manage and searching information gradually become a big problem. With more than 10 years experiences, Green Global proud to be the leading company that can deploy the best system based on this demand.




Manage effectively, save time, support to search ang look up information

Allow administrators to update information easily, summarise statistics report in the fastest way



Highlight and technologies:




Projects list:


Food safety management system

Management system of capital construction investment

Risk management and enterprise supervision system

Transport infrastructure management information system

Regulating construction management software

Security data management software

Drug addicts management information system

Building, providing and deploying software: Managing investment projects

Basic construction investment management system

Management Information system for local budget investment projects

Tourism searching software


Our partners:


City  People’s Committee

Department of Planning and Investment

Department of Transportation

Department of Construction

Police Department

Tourism Promotion Center


Green Global focus on the most important function of the system and try our best to meet the needs of our clients, as well as enhance the reputation of the Company in terms of e-Government. Positive comments of clients are our motivation so that we will make more efforts in the future.