Green Global – a Vietnamese Company provides Start-up consulting for “Shark” in Silicon Valley

News 27/12/2018

By VND 250-million capital, a Vietnamese company is a partner of  “Sharks” in Silicon Valley. True story!


Billionaire Richard Branson, ranking 12th of America’s richest people and 330th of the World’s Billionaires; Sonali Perera who are in charge of senior positions and manage lots of projects, for example: Paypal, Yahoo, Cisco and Warner Brothers, and other famous entrepreneurs are called “Sharks”. Every “move” of them makes a huge influence


Nothing worth mentioning if these “Sharks” are listed in Portfolio of Green Global which is just a small and medium company.


“Why not?” - this is the answer for Shark’s question, “Why can a Vietnamese Company approach and consult experienced Sharks in the US?”


Slideland network is the perfect final result, which is built by Ms Sonali’s thoughts and ideas. This social network is considered as a tool for parents, creating an effective connection among parents. There are a lot of functions like: searching, sharing information about raising and taking care of their children. Green Global has made a great step forward by launching a Project and accepting risks. Until now, Ideapod’s been a big start-up Project


Why not?” is also an answer of Mr.Le Tri Hai’s decision. He completed undergraduate and postgraduate degree, became a university lecturer and then consulted technology solutions for some Projects. But finally, he left for Vietnam and established Consulting IT Solution Company in 2008 by VND250-million capital.


After 8 years, 100 staffs were divided into 2 parts, one gave service domestic and another in New York and Silicon Valley. The most important thing to maintain the relationship between “Sharks” and Green Global is expressed by sentences of Mr. Le Tri Hai: “All they need is what we can do with their ideas. They don’t care about Company’s size. By signing contract, we accompany and give them the best solutions.”


Anyway, that is an unique way to develop despite negative thoughts of many people. It’s said that this market is so dangerous but Mr. Hai always keeps passion for new challenges and how to deal with them.


“I choose a tough path to make myself and my staffs better. Shouldn’t take any long, I’m sure we will be the same level as “Sharks” in Silicon Valley.” CEO of Green Global said