Seminar with Professor Ha Ton Vinh

  • 07/01/2016

Prof. Ha Ton Vinh has over 30 years of professional, technical, and management experience in the Asian-Pacific, European, and West African regions with a concentration in economic development strategies; management, regulatory and institutional reforms, bilateral & multi-lateral project finance, banking finance.

For many years, Prof. Ha Ton Vinh has been a senior Advisor in Asia for many projects of World Bank including China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Mongolia, Laos, etc…

In 1981, Prof. Ha Ton Vinh was awarded a three-year Ph.D. Fellowship by the US National Institutes of Health. He has been subsequently recommended by several US Senators, Congressmen, and government officials for a Presidential Special Assistant position and served as political appointee in the first Reagan-Bush administration. Prof. Ha Ton Vinh is President cum CEO of Stellar Management Corporation and Dean of Executive Education &Training – Vietnam, California Miramar University, San Diego, CA, USA.


At the end of December 2015, received the invitation from Mr Le Tri Hai – Director of Green Global, Prof. Ha Ton Vinh had visited Village Beach Resort where the company’s picnic was operated. This is the precious opportunity for all the Green Global’s staff as well as leaders to discuss and listen to the sharing experiences in business from Prof. Ha Ton Vinh.


Prof. Ha Ton Vinh was enthusiastic to share many valuable business experience at the seminar. From management, human resources and sustainable quality of training to how to bring the long-term development of an enterprise. Under the perspective of Prof. Ha Ton Vinh, in business also requires strategic thinking, business planning system and modern management tools that will be a guideline for business over-comes the crisis, confirms its position in the marketplace.


Besides, Prof. Ha Ton Vinh highly estimates the strong development as well as achivements that Green Global has reach in the recent years and its potential in future. He hopes, with the effort from Leaders and all the active staffs, Green Global will have more and more success and assert its brand in the IT sector in domestic and international market.


At the end of the seminar, Green Global sent the warmest thank to Prof. Ha Ton Vinh for his time and sharing experience and wish him a good health, success and happiness in life.